Details have emerged of the debut album by Zwischenwelt.

Entitled Paranomale Aktivitat, it will be released as double-vinyl and CD via Rephlex on February 21. Zwischenwelt is an audio-visual project based around the trio of Susana Correira, Beta Evers and Penélope Martin, with significant contributions from Heinrich Mueller. As many of you will know, Mueller is Detroit electro original Gerald Donald, best known for his roles in Drexciya and Dopplereffekt.

The word ‘Zwischenwelt’ roughly translates as “world in between”, and appropriately enough the group claim parapsychology – the exploration of paranormal psychic phenomena using scientific methodology – to be the inspiration behind their art. Get them.

Mueller has also collaborated with Zwischenwelt’s Beta Evers under the name Gedankenexperiment on an EP, The Defined Experiment, on the Belgian label WeMe. It should see release on 12″ and digital next month.

1. Apparition
2. Clairvoyant
3. Cryptic Dimension
4. Diapsiquia
5. Enigmata
6. Materialization
7. Multiple Existence
8. Premonition
9. Telemetric
10. Remote Viewer
11. Segunda Realidad
12. Telekinesis



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