As you probably know, Friday saw Trish Keenan from Broadcast lose her battle with H1N1 and pneumonia.

We had a comment posted on our report of the news by David Brewster, which linked to audio of a mix CD, compiled by Trish in December 2010 and uploaded to Soundclound on the weekend. We’ll pass you over:

Trish’s Mind Bending Motorway Mix by Abandapart

“Trish Keenan from Broadcast passed away on Friday 14th January 2011, she was an amazing, talented woman and will be missed by many.

In December 2010 Trish sent me a mix CD she compiled, I never thanked her. Its called Mind Bending Motorway Mix and I want to share it with you, please pass the link on, share it far and wide, its a little tribute to a (as a friend referred to her today) exhilarating woman.

Sorry I don’t have a tracklist and to be honest I like it that way. I think its less about who you’re listening to on this compilation and more about the fact you are listening to something that Trish took time to select and compile for me and in turn yourselves. Please just enjoy the music.

I would send stuff to Trish every now and then and she would send bits back to me (I have a pile of films about witches that inspired the last lp with Focus Group still to watch). The last thing she sent me was this mix and the Ghost Box 7 inch with Focus Group. It was a lovely gift and my friends and I listened to it on our way to ATP in December. Anyway I was rubbish, crap excuse of being busy and moving home (but how much time does a text message take?) so I never thanked her for it until last Sunday, by which time she would have been in hospital. I’m sure she knows how much I appreciated the CD and reading everyones reactions to it has been overwhelming, she touched so many lives. I miss her and will continue to do so for a long time, but my thoughts are with James and Trish’s family, I can’t imagine what they are going through. Never miss an opportunity to say thank you or I love you because you’ll never get that moment back.”

You can read an obituary by Joe Muggs here, and artists’ reaction to Trish’s passing here. Track 5 on the mixtape has been removed after a claim (emphasis on the “laim”) by EMI Sweden, you can listen to it individually here.



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