What is it with techno artists and classical music?

From Carl and Moritz reworking Ravel and Mussorgsky to Stefan Goldmann taking on Stravinsky, raiding the canon has never been so popular. Gustav Mahler (1860-1911, pictured) is apparently more fair game than most – mere months after Matthew Herbert’s reconstruction of his unfinished Symphony X, Berlin electronic music veteran Thomas Fehlmann is serving up an interpretation of the composer’s Symphony No.1 (Titan).

The release – a 12″ pressing from Kompakt that is limited to 600 copies – is a live recording of a was inspired by a live performance by Fehlmann and the Montreal Symphony Orchestra that took place at the historic Molson Coors Brewery on October 16, 2010. The Mahler piece has been rechristened ‘Titan One’ for this shimmering electro-acoustic version, and it’s backed with a new recording of Fehlmann’s 2006 track ‘Du Fehlst Mir’.

A1. Titan One



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