Actress has alluded to a significant number of current and upcoming projects via his Twitter feed, including plans for two new albums.

The London-based producer and Werk Discs proprietor – real name Darren Cunningham – earned much acclaim for last year’s Splazsh LP on Honest Jon’s, the follow-up to his similarly impressive 2008 debut, Hazyville. According to his latest barrage of tweets, he has just completed work on a remix for Panda Bear, adding: “Next Tom Trago, then something for Nmbrs, then album no 2 for Honest Jons, and Album No 2 for Werk.”

It’s safe to assume he’s referring to a remix of Tom Trago, the Amsterdam-based house producer who’s gearing up to release a new album on Rush Hour (Cunningham has in fact remixed Trago before, 2009’s ‘Lost In Streets of NYC’ to be precise), but we have no idea whether the mooted Numbers offering will be a remix or original production.  And not one, but two albums? “All out this year,” tweets Cunningham, somewhat ambitiously.

“Then new buzz from Instramental on Werk and Patten Music,” he writes. “All great records.” That’s two new 12″s on Werk Discs then, including one from Instra:mental. Patten Music refers to London-based artist Patten, whose lo-fi, prismatic electronic compositions have more in common with James Ferraro and Sun Araw than anything from the UK dance scene.

“I’ve also submitted 2 records for both Rushour [sic] and Non Plus + also due out this year,” Cunningham concludes. An Actress 12″ on Rush Hour makes perfect sense, and he’s already very much a part of Instra:mental’s NonPlus+ family, having recorded the excellent Machine And Voice EP for the label last year.



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