Demdike Stare have been added to the line-up of BleeD’s self-evidently unmissable February 18 party.

The duo of Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty complete the spread, presenting a live audio-visual show drawing largely upon their own magnificent productions, but no doubt with a bit of added spice sourced from their bottomless record recollections. Their masterful mingling of influences – techno, drone, weird folk, dubstep, power electronics, ambient, Middle Eastern and African sounds – makes for a truly betwitching musical experience, and it’s actually very rare that they bring their full show to London. With their immense Tryptych album – compiling their three limited vinyl LPs from last year – about to drop, there’s no better time to catch them in action.

BleeD is fast emerging as one of the more discerning larger-scale nights regularly taking place in London, offering a well-judged mix of experimental live fare and heads-down dancefloor action. Headlining the February 18 party with Demdike is John Roberts (pictured), playing his UK live debut. The American producer was responsible for one of last year’s most affecting albums, Glass Eights: released via Hamburg’s Dial imprint, it showcased a unique production voice while also harking back to classic albums by label stalwarts Lawrence and Pantha Du Prince in its fusion of American deep house/techno tropes and a sweepingly romantic European sensibility.

Also performing live will be London duo Raime, who’ve already earned a wide fanbase on the back of their gripping, preternaturally assured debut EP and subsequent single ‘If Anywhere was here he would know where we are’. Driven by the searching spirit of 80s industrial and minimal wave, but with a spacious, muscular production style and sense of movement that betrays a long marination in techno, dubstep and electronic minimalism, their live sets are as ominous and ultimately overwhelming as their recorded work. This will be their first major gig in the UK, and it comes highly recommended.

DJ support comes from BleeD’s Casper C, Benedict Bull and Alex Egan.

Find more information and tickets here.



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