Fudge Fingas: ‘Me & U’

March will see the release of Now About How, the debut album by Fudge Fingas.

The Edinburgh-based producer and keyboard-botherer’s ‘Me & U’, taken from his About Time EP, featured in FACT’s 100 best tracks of 2010, and was notable for applying jazz and white-soul flavours to house music and, remarkably, not sounding at all woolly or embarrassing. We hope the 12-track album, which is being issued on CD and double-vinyl by Prime Numbers, will pull off the same unlikely feat.

1. What Do You Do?
2. If We’re Gonna Go
3. It’s About Time
4. S1ngularity
5. Shake Off
6. Sudden Landing
7. Me & U
8. Polo
9. Silent statues
10. The Tree
11. Mind Swamp
12. It’s The Music



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