Lol – ‘Face Me’

Lol will release their debut album, Me Me, on February 28 via Instra:mental’s NonPlus+ label.

Describing themselves as people “who like music that sounds like it did before the advent of the internet”, Lol aren’t quite anonymous, but choose to go by forenames alone: James, Katie and Maggie (it seems to be common knowledge that Jamie is drum ‘n bass stalwart James ‘Mistabishi’ Pullen). The trio’s sound is recognisably linked to d’n’b, dubstep and electronica, but equally evident is the trio’s love of shoegaze and R&B; vocals figure prominently, and their tracks are constructed and arranged very much as songs. Eschewing the crisp sound design associated with Instra:mental and their label charges, Lol go for an altogether woozier effect – to which end they recorded the album using an eccentric array of vintage gear, including valve microphones, VHS tapes and hardware synths.

Four of Me Me‘s tracks have already been aired on the four-track NonPlus 12″ Me Me (Part 1), with Part 2 out now on digital and expected to hit vinyl soon. The full album will be released on CD and digital on February 28.

1. Trophy Wife
2. Quarter Life Crisis
3. Squeeze Me
4. Pinch Me
5. Dare Me
6. Face Me
7. Degrade Me
8. VHS
9. White Noise
10. Hello Hell



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