Flying Lotus will next month release a new album by Austin Peralta on his Brainfeeder label.

“This is a step in the direction of where I want Brainfeeder to go”, says FlyLo, real name Steven Ellison. “True musicianship as well as some interesting electronics.”

LA native Austin Peralta is a classically trained jazz pianist who has played on sessions for the likes of Erykah Badu and Shafiq Husayn; he also happens to be the son of Z-boy skater and documentary-maker Stacy Peralta.

“People would always tell me about this genius jazz pianist,” enthuses Ellison. “He’s like 17 or 18 and already sounds like McCoy Tyner! I had to go and see what was up, so Dr Strangeloop introduced me, and I got to hear this amazing record…We had to put it out.”

The album, due out on February 7 and Peralta’s third to date, features collaborations with The Cinematic Orchestra and Heidi Vogel.

Introduction: The Lotus
The Underwater
Mountain Odyssey
Ode To Love
Epilogue: Renaissance



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