Silk Flowers will release a new album, Ltd. Form, on February 8.

The record will be available on vinyl (including digital download coupon), CD and digital courtesy of Post Present Medium, the label that’s also home to the likes of Abe Vigoda, Mika Miko and Black Dice’s Eric Copeland. The follow-up to their self-titled debut of 2009, it finds the band working with Amanda ‘MNDR’ Warner (pictured), who is a member of Oakland group Triangle and has collaborated with artists as diverse as Safety Scissors and Mark Ronson (she sang on his Business Intl track ‘Bang Bang Bang’).

Whereas Silk Flowers’ last album found them pursuing a pretty bleak, lo-fi synth-pop sound, Warner helps add a bit of pop production gloss to proceedings. Aviram Cohen’s booming, Ian Curtis-with-tonsilitis croon dominates once more, but there are also a number of instrumentals on the record that showcase the group’s gift for crafting sultry electronic textures.

Silk Flowers are about to embark on a US tour; more information and dates here. Download Nite Jewel‘s remix of ‘Frozen Moment’ above.

1. Chance
2. Frozen Moments
3. Covered Lamp
4. Fruit of The Vine
5. Small Fortune
6. Band of Color
7. Present Dreams
8. Thin Air
9. A Brush Through The Dust



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