Friendly Fires have confirmed the title and other details of their sophomore album.

The LP, the follow-up to their self-titled debut of 2008, is called Pala. It’s apparently a reference to Aldous Huxley’s final novel, Island, published in 1962 – Pala is the name of the island utopia that protagonist Will Farnaby, a cynical journalist, finds himself shipwrecked on.

Speaking to NME, frontman Ed Macfarlane revealed that songs produced by Paul Epworth and Andrew Weatherall are being considered for inclusion on record, which is expected to see release in Spring. Holy Ghost!‘s Alex Frankel also makes a guest appearance, though in what capacity we’re not entirely sure.

“I just kept working, all day and into the night,” he says of the songwriting process, the majority of which took place in a remote cottage in Northern France. “After three weeks I was getting cabin fever but I had to focus, because the songs needed to get written. Did I feel under pressure from the rest of the band? Yeah, just a bit.”



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