We recieved an email about dubstep veteran Pinch’s next single for his Tectonic label this morning. It sounds pretty tough to say the least.

Due for release in early March, TEC048’s A-side is dedicated to ‘Broken’, a bone-shuddering (did you expect anything else?) collaboration between two of the most iconic figures in dubstep’s short history, one Pinch (duh), the other Loefah.

If this is a new track, then it marks Loefah’s first new production work on wax in a long time, if – as could be the case – it’s a recently finished cut from the archives, then it’s still pretty essential for fans of the genre.

The B-side of the 12″ meanwhile, features ‘Paranormal Activity’, a joint effort between Pinch and Roska [above]. Last year’s ‘Croydon House’ saw Pinch drop his speed to the 130bpm-ish tempo favoured by Roska, but rather than take the same approach here, they ride close to 140, Roska’s trademark percussion more furious than ever at the higher tempo.

There’s no audio online yet as far as we know, but you know it’ll be good.



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