Hip-hop artists on Twitter can go either way.

Some (50 Cent, Noreaga, Slim Thug) provide the sort of sardonic, give a shit input that you wish Twitter had more of. For others (Kanye West, Lil B), it becomes a fascinating extension of their already bordering-on-insane personality. Then there’s a ton of them who just self-promote and talk shit. Usually with caps lock on.

And then there’s Just Blaze, the in-house producer at Roc-a-fella who made more hits in the early part of the last decade than pretty much anyone not called Timbaland or the Neptunes. He’s very confident in his own abilities but totally humble, and seemingly will chat to anyone. A couple of weeks back, he celebrated buying a new mixer by recording a three-hour set for his followers, and last night, posted up beats he made when he was in his early teens – made at 14, 14 and 13 respectively. In his own words, “someone told me last year beat #3 sounds like something from Operation Doomsday. I kinda see that now.”

Stream: Just Blaze – Beat #1 / Beat #2 / Beat #3



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