With Patrick Wolf about as reliable as the Victoria Line on a Sunday and frYars missing (presumed dead), the world of baroque, extravagantly emotional, male-fronted pop could do with a fresh injection of life. David’s Lyre might be it.

The alter ego of one Paul Dixon (pictured above), David’s Lyre is being tipped for greatness by the more mainstream media, and the release on March 21, through Hideout, of his five-track In Arms EP will doubtless take him and his music to a wider audience. To wet our collective whistle, a remix from Pearson Sound (AKA Ramadanman) has been commissioned and we’re pleased to be able to give the thing its premiere here on FACT.

It’s a world away from the breakneck, juke-influenced gear that has characterised Kennedy of late. He retains Dixon’s vocal and keeps it very much foregrounded, building a seductive slow-house rhythm around it. The strung-out synth sounds and loose conga patterns are redolent less of dubstep and more of Balearic disco. It’s an oddity that’s well worth checking out.

David’s Lyre – In Arms (Pearson Sound Remix)



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