It’s easy to underestimate just how good Raekwon is, right?

Made a ton of the best hip-hop tracks ever with Wu, made one of the best solo albums ever (well – kind of solo) in the ’90s, and last year, made one of the best of any Wu-related albums with Only Built for Cuban Linx 2.

On March 8, The Chef will be releasing a new album, Shaolin vs Wu Tang, and we’ve got first dibs on streaming this track from it – ‘Rock N Roll’, featuring Jim Jones. Kobe and frequent Rae collaborator Ghostface. Why we have first dibs on it we’re not sure, but we couldn’t see it anywhere else on the net so we guess we’re just great.

Update: some mix up between US and UK PRs – we weren’t meant to be given this. If you were lucky enough to catch it before it went down then credit to you, if you didn’t, and neeed some audio from the new Raekwon album, you can check the title track here.

Rae will be touring the UK to coincide with the album – you can catch him on the following dates:

Tue 15.03 Edinburgh Scotland @ Liquidroom
Wed 16.03 Dublin Ireland: @ Button Factory
Thur 17.03 Manchester UK @ Sound Control
Fr 18.03 London UK @ HMV Forum
Sa 19.03 Brighton UK @ Coalition



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