Available on: PTN 10″

If you’re scared of things that go bump in the night, then Hackman’s latest dose of bubbling, polyrhythmic house music might be best avoided. For those who like their dance music to be satisfyingly hefty yet land with enough twists to keep your ears on their toes, then you’ll have no choice but get to know this hyped young producer.

Hackman is Ben Hackman, an artist barely into his twenties who is doing his level best to plunge the mutant hybrid of UK Funky/garage sound of now into deeper, more colourful territories. His latest 10″ on Ramp offshoot PTN is supposedly his last before a full album emerges later this year and gives no indication he‘s running out of musical ideas just yet. ‘Made Up My Mind’ comes with a chunky lean’n’bounce informed by Todd Edwards and the synthetic space of Roska. On the flip, ‘Bam Bam’ adopts an even lower slung groove, equipped with a more percussive, but just as nagging hook – this is deceptively, yet devastatingly familiar dance music. The class of 2010 just got a little classier.

Jim Ottewill



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