Following his Pale Sketches: Demixed album release last year, Justin K. Broadrick has a new EP as Pale Sketcher coming up on Ghostly International.

The EP, entitled Seventh Heaven, will be released digitally and in a vinyl edition of 500 copies. One of British underground music’s most admired figures, best known for his roles in Godflesh, Napalm Death and Jesu, Broadrick uses Pale Sketcher as an outlet for his more producerly tendencies, crafting deep, shoegaze and ambient-flavoured electronic soundscapes. Seventh Heaven contains two new tracks, ‘Seventh Heaven’, Resonanz Therapie Music’, ‘Drag Your Feet’ and ‘The Rainy Season’.

Also featured is a hypnotic remix of Demixed track ‘Wash It All Away’ by Kevin Martin’s King Midas Sound, featuring vocals from Hitomi. Martin and Broadrick are no strangers, having collaborated on the seminal Techno Animal project. It’s out on February 15; that’s the cover art pictured above.

1. Seventh Heaven
2. The Rainy Season
3. Wash It All Away (King Midas Sound Remix)
4. Resonanz Therapie Music
5. Drag You Feet



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