Available on: Ramp Recordings 12″

It’s easy to forget how good FaltyDL is. I’ll go months without listening to his music, then a new single pops up in shops – in this case, ‘Hip Love’ on Ramp – and I’m reminded that he pretty much represents everything great about dance music.

‘Hip Love’, like much of Falty’s music, is so human. There’s a grid there somewhere, but God knows you can’t see it – those drums bustle past each other like real people, treated in such a way that they breathe with all the frosty busyness of the inner city; an aesthetic that frequently informs Falty’s work. It’s inward-looking, but with such attention to detail on what’s outside that you almost feel guilty for missing it. Maybe that’s why the track’s mantra requests you spend more time with it; in amongst the toil of the rat race, a little attention goes a long way.

Tam Gunn



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