It’s been a long time coming, but May 16 will see Planningtorock finally release her debut album through DFA.

In the words of its maker “a dark sexy creature that sways with the relentlessly swinging propeller sound”, the LP is entitled W and features 11 original tracks alongside a cover of Arthur Russell’s ‘Janine’. The album was recorded by Bolton-hailing Planningtorock – real name Janine Rostron – over the course of three years in her Berlin studio; she plays pretty much every instrument you hear, though Hjörleifur Jónsson and LCD Soundsystem’s Pat Mahoney contributed some percussion.

It’s a hugely ambitious, at times baroque work, and in ramping up the drama Rostron subjects her vocals to considerable manipulation. “I’m really not precious about my voice,” she says. “I do love powerful, beautiful voices but on a creative level you can do so much with your voice and I loved pulling it around on this record. I mean, on ‘Doorway’, it’s my inner trannie singing that one!”

For an idea of what to expect from the LP, check out this video for ‘Doorway’:

1. Doorway
2. The One
3. Going Wrong
4. Manifesto
5. I Am Your Man
6. The Breaks
7. Living It Out
8. Milky Blau
9. Jam
10. Black Thunder
11. Janine
12. 9



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