If the name Juan Atkins doesn’t mean anything to you, well, get out of town.

The techno originator has been captivating us with his visionary take on electronic music for the best part of 25 years. Forgive us gushing, but few artists can claim to have influenced the very course of our culture as deeply and lastingly as this Detroit native; from the Kraftwerk-meets-Parliament electro futureshock of Cybotron’s ‘Cosmic Cars’ to the dubby drift of Model 500’s ‘Starlight’, the number of classic productions he has under his belt simply beggars belief. The last year has seen him reactivate Model 500 as a recording project and touring concern, and now he’s come up with a new release for Scion A/V (the same people who brought you last week’s Kyle Hall remix of The Dirtbombs).

‘Summer In The City’ is pure dancefloor funk, shot through with Atkins’ characteristic energy and sense of fun, pellucid synths pinging and peeling off the kind of tough drum shots that could only have been moulded in the Motor City. We’re pleased to be able to premiere it below, for your downloading and streaming pleasure.

It’s part of a larger EP package that includes two further Atkins originals, ‘Marz’ and ‘Dayshift’, with remixes by Worthy, Oliver and the mighty Terrence Dixon (one of the most criminally underrated producers on the planet, if you ask us). The whole thing will be available to download next week from Scion A/V – keep an eye on their official site for more info.



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