Holy week of name changes, Batman.

OK, so the Joy Orbison one wasn’t that much of a name change (he’s already recorded as J.O. before, and according to the Doldrums Twitter account, he’s still very much O.R.B.I.S.O.N.), but this one’s presumably more permanent.

We knew that Games were going to have to switch names at some point, and despite some of the brilliant suggestions offered to them by fans following that announcement (come on, Games Blake would’ve been fantastic), they’ve decided to go with the not-so-fun option of using their second names, Ford and Lopatin. Booo.

However, in some good Games-related news, the pair have started their own label. It’s called Software, and according to Dummy represents an off-shoot of Mexican Summer, with releases already scheduled from Demdike Stare and Lopatin solo under his Oneohtrix Point Never guise.



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