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“I’m a fucking walking paradox / no I’m not, threesomes with a fucking triceratops.” The more things change for Tyler, The Creator, clearly the more he stays the same.

Watching the video for ‘Yonkers’, uploaded to YouTube in the early hours of Friday morning, is on some level like watching history in the making; such is the way it showcases Tyler, the leader of cult California rap crew Odd Future on the very cusp of stardom. It almost doesn’t matter how the track sounds, the timing’s so perfect that as long as Tyler doesn’t drop the ball completely, it’s the moment that looks certain to tip him, and hopefully his crew, over the top.

And of course Tyler doesn’t drop the ball, nor was he ever going to; as if someone whose entire career to date as been built on a foundation of not giving a fuck would freeze like that. The beat’s perfect, stationed somewhere between RZA, Salem and Lil B’s amateur ambient; the content and vibe a healthy alchemy of Gravediggaz’ vaudeville murder music and the isolationist derangement of early Cage, back when Cage didn’t give a fuck either. Even the video, in an age where many – including MTV – seem to have forgotten music videos even exist, has managed to get everyone talking. How many labels do you think got in touch this weekend alone?

Chris Campbell



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