Legendary Birmingham musician Justin K. Broadrick dons his Pale Sketcher guise for this Monday’s FACT mix.

Broadrick has, frankly, seen it all. An early member of grind veterans Napalm Death, he made his name in the late ’80s as a core member of Godflesh, the nihilistic voice of council estate England as transmitted through some of the heaviest music of the era, and a thorough influence on the modern day work of Shackleton and Kevin ‘The Bug’ Martin – the latter of whom Broadrick has frequently collaborated with, as Techno Animal, Curse of the Golden Vampire, and in several other groups.

The two main projects of his 20 year plus career have been Godflesh and Jesu, an equally heavy but harmonically richer evolution of Godflesh with a focus on ascending to undiscovered heights as opposed to plunging pebble-dashed depths, but there’s always been an orbit of other incarnations, one of which, Pale Sketcher has been Broadrick’s focus since last year, when he introduced the project through Ghostly International. As FACT’s Robin Jahdi observed on his review of Pale Sketches: Demixed, it “presents a new sound” from Broadrick, taking in “elegant textures and heartache; melodic evolution and overall lushness.”

It’s his Pale Sketcher mask that Broadrick dons for this FACT mix, leaning strongly on hip-hop (Lootpack, Dr. Octagon, RZA) while travelling through various electronic forms that inform the project, including Boards of Canada, dBridge, Oval, Caustic Window and Chain Reaction. There’s even room for forthcoming Pale Sketcher material for Ghostly. It’s a legend at work; tuck in.

(Available for three weeks)


Donnacha Costello – ‘Always A Part’
Caustic Window – ‘A1’
Fairmont – ‘Walk Home’
Lootpack – ‘Questions’
Seefeel – ‘Spangle’
Dettinger – ‘A1’
Burial – ‘Archangel’
Slowdive – ‘Shine’
Dr Octagon – ‘Moosebumps’
Oval – ‘Do While X’
The Field – ‘Kappsta’
Various Artists – ‘7’
Cabaret Voltaire – ‘Doublevision’
Pale Sketcher – Unreleased Dubplate 1
The Aggrovators – ‘Find A Dub’
Boards Of Canada – ‘Music Is Math’
Mark Kozelek – ‘Leo And Luna’
Pale Sketcher – Unreleased Dubplate 2
RZA – ‘Grits’
Babybird – ‘Saturday’
Cabaret Voltaire – ‘Jazz The Glass’ (
D Bridge – ‘The Question’



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