Modern-day eski acolyte Becoming Real will launch his new label, Cold World Industries, with a new single on 7 March.

Taking the Londoner’s fascination with coldness, and the power of grime, footwork and general dark synth music to transmit it, to its most chilling depths to date, the single pairs two new Becoming Real productions, ‘Closer’ and ‘Antarctic City’, with a remix of the former from Jam City, a man who’s tinkered with the powers of eski in the past himself. It’s a dangerous game, you know. Made Wiley crash his car.

Digital release is March 7, 12″ on March 14, and being the helpful media sorts that we are, we’re giving you the chance to stream the two original tracks below.


Antarctic City

For those wanting to catch Becoming Real live, he’ll be playing at Shoreditch’s XOYO this Friday, with Actress, Pariah, Lone and more.

Photo credit: Leon Diaper



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