The Guild of Synchronists is a new compilation album curated by, and featuring new music from, Altered Natives.

It includes twelve tracks from eleven artists on Natives’ Eye4Eye label, including familiar names like Ceramic and Slaughter Mb alongside the less familiar likes of Misery Peat and El Sudor. We’ll let the man himself tell you more:

“In this compilation you will find a collection of works brought to you by some of the names in which my opinion however valued, I think you should watch over the course ofdance music history.

“Starting at grassroots and steadily building in tempo and arc, I compiled this album to expose new talented producers who have my personal belief and backing in the quest for musical fuckery. PLus, I have an affinity to each of the tracks here, as I feel each track individually embodies everything I have tried to achieve and squash together throuh the medium of my own production. The true synchronicity truly lies in the shared passion for making good music and the passion to create.

“This comp is an introduction to some of the names that I hope to familiarise you all with over the next few years with Eye4Eye. A few of the names you won’t necessarily know, some you may recognise already as some of these guys are already getting their game up. But ultimately this an introduction to some of the future featured artists of Eye4Eye Recordings.?

The comp will be released on CD on April 4.

Altered Natives was responsible for one of FACT’s top albums of 2010 in Tenement Yard Vol.1, which combined rugged broken beat and house to bracing effect. He’s also released music on Martin’s 3024 label, though he perhaps remains best known for his mutant UK funky anthem ‘Rass Out’.

1. Tom Ellis feat. Lizzy B – Accidental Daydream
2. At One – A Possible Lover
3. Funksta – Arena
4. El Sudor – Hermit
5. At One – Squuaalar
6. Ceramic – The Message
7. Altered Natives – 18 Ghost Hands
8. Misery Peat – The Hyde
9. Altered Natives – Goodbye
10. Grayz – Dubskank
11. DD Black – Charge
12. Slaughter Mon – Heebie Jeebies



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