Today’s FACT mix comes from oOoOO.

We don’t know much about oOoOO, and he probably quite likes it that way. Here’s what we do know:

1. He’s from San Francisco, and judging from the few Google-able shots where you can see his face, he loves cigarettes.
2. He released several excellent low-key singles in 2009, including the incredible ‘No Summr4U’, before putting out his most realised EP yet through Tri Angle last year.
3. He’s DJing at the Ether Festival on April 9, alongside Games, Oneohtrix Point Never (both live) and Casper C (DJ).
4. It’s pronounced “Oh”.

oOoOO’s FACT mix starts with a new track by him, before rolling through a selection of FACT favourites (James Pants, Gucci, DJ Roc), stuff you might expect (Demdike Stare, Broadcast) and some bits you might not (Cat Power). Overall, it makes for pretty good listening, but really, was it ever gonna be any different?

(Available for three weeks)


oOoOO – Сирин
Islaja – Uni pöllönä olemisesta
James Pants – Sitting On the Couch, Turning Into Stone
je suis le petit chevalier – Frogs/Waters/Sisters
Island Folk Lore – Sex With A Shark
Anika – Yang Yang
Everything Everything – Photoshop Handsome (Sunday Girl Mix)
DJ Roc – I can’t Control the Feeling
Gucci Mane – Dollar Sign (These New Puritans Remix)
Cat Power – Evolution
Broadcast – You and Me in Time
Demdike Stare – Hashshashin Chant

Photo credit: Ken Taylor



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