Autumn – ‘Night In June’

Minimal Wave continues to enchant us with its loving reissue programme. Its latest offering is Synthesize, a compilation of music by Autumn.

Autumn’s Peter Bonne and Geert Coppens are at the centre of the cultish post-punk synth universe. Much of their work was released under the name Linear Movement, and in 2008 Minimal Wave put out the ravishing Linear Movement compilation entitled On The Screen (it’s opening track, ‘Way Out Of Living’, is an all-time FACT office classic). Bonne and Coppens post-Autumn band, the slightly more goth-tinged Twilight Ritual, had their track ‘Tears On The Wall’ featured on last year’s Angular collection, Cold Waves and Minimal Electronics Vol.1, alongside the classic ‘Night In June’ (variously attributed to Linear Movement and Autumn).

Bonne and Coppens, who hail from Belgium, first collaborated on the 1980 tape Seven Days Autumn, but it was when they acquired a two-voice, analogue synth with built-in eight-step sequencer that their collaboration really caught fire. Meanwhile their live performances were becoming more elaborate, culminating in a special event called Hard Breakfast, which required 11 persons on-stage and teamed Autumn’s increasingly ambitious and hardware-heavy electronics with live jazz-dance and computer graphics art.

Autumn was ultimately a rather sporadic recording project, but Coppens and Bonne – frequently joined by Peter Koustsaal – nonetheless left an indelible mark on the DIY synth-pop scene and even scored a modest hit single in 1982 with ‘Synthesize’. Minimal Wave’s compilation includes compiles the band’s best known work and some more obscure gems, pressing them on 180g clear vinyl hosued in a heavy-printed, hand-numbered gloss jacket. As with all MW fare, it’s hand-numbered, limited edition, and almost outrageously desirable. The album is out now; more information here.

1. I Say You Hello
2. The Third Autumn
3. Night In June
4. Viginaigre
5. Synthesize
6. Laughter Of A Madman
7. Not Afraid To Die
8. Aparell I Ma
9. Behind You



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