The Chemical Brothers have composed the score for forthcoming action movie Hanna.

Joe Wright’s film, starring Cate Blanchett, Eric Bana and Saoirse Ronan, sounds berserk: Ronan plays the titular 16-year-old, trained by her father to become the perfect assassin and sent across Europe on a fraught kill mission, pursued by “a ruthless intelligence agent and her operatives”. The Chemical Brothers’ well-honed brand of pumped-up electronic music seems like the perfect accompaniment. Check the trailer:

The duo’s score is being released as a 20-track album via iTunes this week, and you can stream one of the pieces, ‘Container Park’, via Soundcloud now:

Container Park by The Chemical Brothers

1. Hanna’s Theme
2. Escape 700
3. Chalice 1
4. The Devil Is in the Details
5. Map Sounds / Chalice 2
6. The Forest
7. Quayside Synthesis
8. The Sandman
9. Marissa Flashback
10. Bahnhof Rumble
11. The Devil Is in the Beats
12. Car Chase (Arp Worship)
13. Interrogation / Lonesome Subway / Grimm’s House
14. Hanna vs Marissa
15. Sun Collapse
16. Special Ops
17. Escape Wavefold
18. Isolated Howl
19. Container Park
20. Hanna’s Theme (Vocal Version)



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