Available on: Nostalgia, Ultra. self-released mixtape

If the party line on Tyler, The Creator is that listening to him is like staring America’s bored and desensitized youth dead in the eye and watching it leave you way behind, then listening to Odd Future singer Frank Ocean’s ‘Novacane’, produced by The-Dream collaborator Tricky Stewart, at least makes the horror a little sweeter.

The content, while not quite finding humour in group rape, is still about numbness, but chooses to focus on that sort of drugged-up, sexed-out bliss where time stands still while slipping away from you at the same time. Temporary hedonism and how it stays with you is nothing new in music – see anything from Johnny Cash to The Strokes – but Ocean’s artificially-softened anthem is surely one of the best updates the subject will find anywhere this year.

Anna Russell



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