It took a flight to Chicago and back, but we’re honoured to have secured a premiere of Maurice Donovan’s new 12″ for the legendary label SSSSS.

Maurice Donovan, for those who don’t know (the generation who were “born inna damn laptop”, in the man’s own words) is one of Chicago’s all-time underrated house music players, with the classic ‘Muscle Milk’ and ‘God Can Hear my 909’ anthems to those with their history down pat. He’s now back, with two new jams designed to show you kids what house music really is.

SSSSS have long been associates of Maurice, dating back to their humble formation as a tape exchange stall – the name comes from the hiss, natch. They’ll be releasing these tracks in late April.

For advice and inspiration, we’d recommend you follow Maurice on Twitter, as he comes to grips with the strange new world of the internet. And obviously, take your vitamins and drink your milk. That goes without sssssaying.



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