If you’ve listened to Pearson Sound’s FabricLive CD, then you’ll already be a little familiar with Brey.

His ‘Face (Junk)’ track – recorded under his Die Barbie Musik Kollektive alias – comes sandwiched between Girl Unit and Burial on the tracklist for Pearson’s mix, but the Hessle Audio co-owner isn’t the only one championing Brey: the London-based artist with roots in Angola has made his way into the sets of Brackles, Slackk, Bok Bok and more lately.

This Summer, he’ll be releasing an EP on Svetlana Industries (sometime home of Nightwave/8bitch, Teebs and more); they hooked us up with an unreleased track to give away, ‘Distant Dreams from 2006’. One thing you’ll learn about Brey – his tracks all have great titles. Check his Soundcloud for more.

Brey – Distant Dreams from 2006

Photo credit: Matthew Benson



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