It seems like barely a week goes by without us reporting on some new activity in the Editions Mego camp.

Peter Rehberg’s Vienna-based label has long been a byword for the finest in experimental and electronic music, but at the moment it seems to be in overdrive. In the first few months of 2011 alone, EM has brought us new albums from Russell Haswell, COH, Peterlicker, Mark Fell and others,  reissues of classics by Bill Orcutt and Bruce Gilbert, a new sub-label for underground synth music run by Emeralds’ John Elliott (Spectrum Spools), a compilation of hard-to-find solo works by the same band’s Mark McGuire, a book+CD edition from Florian Hecker, and the first in a new series of vinyl-only Jim O’Rourke releases.

The pace isn’t about to let up. Sunn O))’s Stephen O’Malley (pictured above), who has enjoyed a long association with the Mego – releasing a number of solo and collaborative work through it, and working as its in-house sleeve designer – has now been given his own sub-label to curate. Ideologic Organ is the name of the imprint, and it will be dedicated to releasing acoustic projects on vinyl and digital. The first two releases drop on 27 June: SOMA001 is Trowo Phurmag Ceremony, a double LP from Moscow vocal ensemble Phurpa, who have moved away from their industrial origins to delve deep into the ritual musics of ancient Egypt, Iran and Tibet. SOMA002 is is Aestuarium, by violist Eywind Kang and vocalist Jessika Kenney.

More information and pre-orders here.

Trowo Phurmag Ceremony tracklist:
•    1.1. Fundamental Mantra of Bon (7:24)
•    1.2. Introduction (3:18)
•    1.3. The Visualization (3:43)
•    2.1. Conferring Empowerment and Self-Transformation Part One (18:08)
•    3.1. Conferring Empowerment and Self-Transformation Part Two (14:29)
•    4.1. Emanating The Retinue Of The Deity5:06)
•    4.2. The Charge To Action (4:34)
•    4.3. Puja Offering and Praises (7:24)

Aesturium tracklist:
•    1.1. Orcus Pellicano (6:31)
•    1.2. Figura Nox (5:18)
•    2.1. Unnamed Figures (7:36)
•    2.2. Dies Mei (3:26)
•    2.3. Towards Solitude (3:47)



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