Ghost Box operatives Jim Jupp and Jon Brooks are working with synth-pop icon John Foxx on new material.

Jupp co-founded the Ghost Box label with Julian House, and also records as Belbury Poly. Jon Brooks has released on Ghost Box as The Advisory Circle and in partnership with Tim Felton as Hintermass, and also runs (and records for) his own Cafe Kaput imprint. These two connoisseurs of library music, 70s TV and provincial occultism are “collaborating with John Foxx on a few tracks, for a project that will see the light of day on Ghost Box sometime in 2012”, according to a post on Jupp’s blog, The Belbury Parish Magazine.

Foxx is probably best known for co-founding Ultravox and for his wonderfully severe, Ballard-inspired solo masterpiece Metamatic (1980), but unlike so many artists of his vintage, he has remained questingly creative to this day. His most recent album, Interplay, is a collaboration with analogue synth wizard Benge, and marks a return to pop songwriting after years of more ambient outings in collaboration with the likes of Harold Budd and Robin Guthrie. Something of a hero to the Ghost Box gang, Foxx’s influence isn’t just musical but also thematic: throughout his career as sonic, visual and even literary artist he’s been preoccupied with the individual’s charged relationship to landscape and to the uncanny psychic resonance of spaces. This way of thinking has undoubtedly fed into the hauntological worldview of Jupp, Brooks et al.

We’re intrigued to see what form this dream link-up between the ‘Poly, the ‘Circle and the Foxx will take – perhaps an entry in Ghost Box’s 7″ Study Series? Or maybe more?





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