aTelecine’s A Cassette Tape Culture LP was one of 2010’s most unexpected delights.

Initially released on tape and then vinyl (with different tracklist) by New York’s Pendu Sound label, both in very limited quantities, it was a beguiling, nuanced mix of ambient, noise and industrial electronics, with the odd ruthlessly processed gothic guitar dirge (the peerless ‘I Came I Sat I Departed’) thrown in. What all but the most disingenuous of commentators was intrigued to learn was that aTelecine is the brainchild of Sasha Grey – actress, model and, most famously, hardcore pornstar.

It’s actually a collaborative project, to be fair, with The Girlfriend Experience star Grey and her fellow California-dweller Pablo St Francis at the helm. This week sees the long-awaited digital release of tracks from the tape and vinyl editions of A Cassette Tape Culture and the 2009 7″ aVigillant Carpark, under the titles A Cassette Tape Culture (Phase Two) and A Cassette Tape Culture (Phase Three) – get them here. The band are also planning a new album, The Falcon And The Pod, on Pendu in July. It’s the first of a projected LP trilogy, and the only indication of what to expect is this here teaser video:

A Cassette Tape Culture (Phase Two) tracklist:
1. Water (Tape Mix)
2. The Smuggler (Draft One)
3. The Pleasure Dome (Tape Mix)
4. The Crucher (Oct 88 Mix)
5. Red Sun (Tape Mix)
6. It Just Is (Clavis Mix)
7. I Came I Sat I Stayed Put (Tape Mix)
8. From End to End (Early 256 Demo )
9. ENT. (BC Ver)
10. Blue (Lost Demo)
11. Stardream (Shitpump Mix)
12. Wind Pipe Machine (Org)
13. Giant (Early Demo)
14. Stockton_Modesto_Skate Park_Meth Head_23 Bucks Left (A Linter Mix)
15. A Cassette Tape Culture (Phase Three):

A Cassette Tape Culture (Phase Three) tracklist:
1. Ok…So
2. Yaniuarj (‘o4 Demo)
3. Carry
4. Friday Night in a Small Town
5. Ice Removal and Meditation
6. Trouble (‘o4 Demo)
7. Only at Night (Lament Demo)
8. Blue Too (Lost Draft)
9. Chroeg Xen
10. Kitchen Light
11. Semitree (On Six Mix)
12. Sky Then Trees Then Birds Then Nothing (Stand Mix)
13. Stepfather, Meth Heads (RX Demo )
14. Tenplus (Early Stardream Demo)
15. The Thieves
16. The Weak Hands (‘o6 demo)



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