tobias. – Tobias Freund – will release a new album on Ostgut Ton on July 4.

Entitled Leaning Over Backwards, a reference to the lyrics of Wire’s ‘Single K.O.’, it was made by the NSI man chiefly using a Roland TR 808 and Korg Mini Pops, and without computer sequencing. It includes vocal contributions from Hercules & Love Affair‘s Aerea Negrot and a collaboration with Uwe Schmidt AKA Atom™.

Cover art (unnervingly reminiscent of Carl Barat’s latest) and tracklist below.


1. Girts
2. Party Town
3. Voices Told Me to Do That
4. Skippy
5. Zero Tolerance
6. Free No.1
7. Leaning Over Backwards
8. Observing the Hypocrites
9. The Key feat. Uwe Schmidt
10. She Still Calls Me Mister
11. We Stick to the Plan
12. Now I Know



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