Spirit of Ibiza ’89 is a new exhibition of photographs by Dave Swindells at theprintspace in London.

Swindells was nightlife editor at Time Out for almost a quarter of a century, and his lovingly amassed photo archive is something to behold. Spirit of Ibiza ’89 , which is showing now up until May 17, chronicles how the likes of Paul Oakenfold and Danny Rampling brought the Balearic spirit to London, changing local and global club culture forever. Swindells presents a vivid, visceral portrait of the Second Summer of Love, showing how ecstasy and a musical cocktail of Chicago house, rock, reggae and Euro-disco conspired to liberate the capital from decades of fustiness and pretension. There are also shots of the hippyish but nontheless style-conscious late 80s nightlife of Ibiza itself.

“In these photos you won’t see people texting or tweeting, videoing their mates or posting on Facebook,’ explains Swindells ruefully. “Nobody had mobile phones, and the only person likely to be taking pictures was the club’s own photographer. So there was nothing else to do but live in the moment, enjoy the parties or watch other people having fun while dancing the whole night.”

Admission is free; for more information check the flyer below.



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