One of our most anticipated singles of the year has arrived.

Erik (a.k.a. Errorsmith) and Fiedel (Berghain resident and general soundsystem go-to guy in Berlin) are MMM, a pair of German producers who make the most impeccably engineered, powerful party music in the world. To be blunt, they make bangers, and they do it better than anyone. If you look up “peak time” in the German online dictionary, you’re simply greeted with their faces, smiling back at you.*

Last year, Fiedel recorded a FACT mix that featured the A-side of their next single, an LFO-heavy track that we now know is titled ‘Dex’ (MMM005). We’ve been salivating over it ever since that first listen, and now it’s available to buy.

And guess what, its B-side, ‘Rio’, sounds even better.

MMM005 is available at Hardwax now (naturally they have it first, given the group’s connections to the Berlin record store), and should be available from other outlets very soon. Audio can be heard here, and for more information about MMM, read this interview we did with the pair last year.

*Not really, unfortunately.



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