Machinedrum will release Room(s), his first album for Planet Mu, on July 11.

A staple in New York’s underground since the early part of last decade, Machinedrum’s music has taken in hybrid dance music of various forms over the years, as well as the hip-hop that’s always been at the core. On Room(s), footwork and jungle have become key components; styles that Machinedrum also explores on a precursor to Room(s), the ‘Sacred Frequency’ single (released June 6, also on Mu).

In the label’s words, “the tracks on Room(s) were started on the spur of the moment, often whilst traveling and finished in the studio, with the notion in mind that great moments of inspiration are fleeting so it’s best to grab on to that moment when it happens and squeeze it for all its worth”. Machinedrum expands: “I feel like the energy of a song is lost the longer you spend working on it.  This experiment in becoming less attached to my work essentially lead to a lot of songs that are connected sonically and aesthetically.”

You can listen to samples of Room(s) here.

01. She Died There
02. Now U Know Tha Deal 4 Real
03. Sacred Frequency
04. U Don’t Survive
05. Come1
06. Youniverse
07. GBYE
08. The Statue
09. Lay Me Down
10. Door(s)
11. Where Did We Go Wrong?



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