Earlier this year, Jay Weed contributed a short mix to FACT’s Producers to Watch in 2011 feature. Today, we welcome him back for a full FACT mix.

Hailing from France, Jay Weed made his introduction to many late last year with the excellent ‘Prism’ single on Oneman’s 502 label. A dark, Eastern stepper with cavernous atmospherics and the swampiest of sub-basslines, it fitted in perfectly with the late night, smoked-out aesthetic that 502 has quickly built for itself, while also sounding like little else out there. But then, that seems to be Jay Weed all over.

What’s swiftly becoming evident about Jay Weed’s music is a studied love of the full-body experience of classic dubstep; it was present on ‘Prism’ and his remix of Crystal Fighters (also released last year), it was present on his most recent single, ‘On the Nile’ for Grizzly, and it’s definitely present on this mix. Jay Weed’s music might be house tempo, but the sub and space comes from a much darker place.

FACT mix 247 might not be quite as dark as Monday’s Anstam mix (few things are), but it’s not far off. Overheated drum machines reverberating in the deepest corners of the catacombs – you can practically smell the limestone.


Rhythm & Sound – Never Tell You
Obsolete Music Technology – Drum Relapse
DJ Bone – Monk
Trying to get a Dub (French fries & Bambounou remix)
Aardvarck – Nosestep (CosminTRG remix)
Ω State – Untitled
Teeth – Shawty (FaltyDL remix)
Richelle – Bendin’ (Jay Weed remix)
Lucid – Shh (Sam Tiba rmx)
Interlude 657118502
Jay Weed – Circles
DJ Bone – Water Slaves
Menta – Snake Charmer
Jay Weed –  Dazzled
Pangaea – Runout
Distal – Coke bottle
Canblaster – War is Coming
Orson – Madness
Teeth – SW
Big$hot – BPM
Digital Mystikz – Country Man
Desto feat. Jimi Tenor – Eightfold path
Cosmic Force – Otomatic / Ramadanman – Tumble
Demdike Stare – Black Sun



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