Altered Natives has collected a new compilation of tracks by up-and-coming producers, titled The Guild of Synchronists.

All of the artists involved will be releasing on Natives’ Eye4Eye record label, which until now has mostly been used for Natives’ own records, including last year’s album Tenement Yard Vol. 1, a high ranker in FACT’s 40 best albums of 2011. Expect a molten junkyard of broken beat, underground and classic house, garage and more.

In the words of the Natives himself, “This comp is an introduction to some of the names that I hope to familiarize you all with over the next few years with Eye4Eye. I had an affinity to each of the tracks here, as I felt each track individually embodied everything I have tried to achieve and squash together through the medium of my own production.”

We’ve got five copies to give away – drop us a line on to be in the draw.



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