Available on: 502 Recordings 12″

‘Shawty’ has been circling DJ sets – not to mention YouTube, thanks to the excellent homemade video by 502 label boss Oneman – for so long now, that you’d be forgiven for presuming it had been released in March. It didn’t, but now it’s out, and the delay hasn’t dampened its impact.

On paper, ‘Shawty’ might seem like an imitative amalgamation of various UK dance music trends – it’s based around some sharp drum machine lines, an r’n’b sample (Beyonce’s “shawty, what yo’ name is?”) and sub-bass. But the way TEETH combines them results in something a million miles away from some pale Addison Groove or Boddika clone. There’s nothing limp about ‘Shawty’ – those drums manage to sound bone-dry and slippery at the same time, and when that vocal sample emerges from the VHS-shot synth smoke, there’s venom dripping from its teeth. The sub-bass is deceptively colossal – hear it in a club, and you’ll see what I mean. This is malevolent, difficult dance music, and the fact that it’s 15 bpm quicker than the comfort zone of most DJs playing it only adds to its appeal.

Elon Gats




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