Skream is set to release a new EP on June 6.

Simply entitled Skream EP, it’s the dubstep perennial’s first substantial solo offering in some time, and comes courtesy of his own Disfigured Dubz label. Featured on it are four original productions spread generously across four sides of wax; the tunes will be familiar to many, as they’ve been doing the rounds on dubplate for months now.

‘Hats Off’ arrives just in time to fulfil its summer anthem destiny – it’s a breezy, unreconstructed junglist rave track, complete with ’91-style diva vocals, threshing breaks, Reese bass, 303 acid squiggles and, unless our ears deceive us, a sample of Mike Skinner blurting “originate pirate material” (from The Streets’ ‘Has It Come This?’, of course). ‘Heavy Hitter’ is tough, stripped-down halfstep tune that harks back to classic Skreamizm tackle, while ‘Rigging’ and the aptly named ‘Sea Sick’ show how wildly enjoyable wobble can be if styled and deployed smartly.

You can listen to short preview clips of each track below.

Skream EP 2×12″ tracklist:
A. Skream – Hats Off
B. Skream – Heavy Hitter
C. Skream – Rigging
D. Skream – Sea Sick



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