West London dubstep producer Silkie has announced his second album, City Limits Vol. 2.

The follow-up to 2009’s City Limits Vol. 1, it is, apparently, the end of the City Limits saga, and according to a recent interview with Knowledge, was heavily inspired by a particular selection of old tracks.

“I have this selection of like forty tracks that I listen to, from old Trip-Hop to old school 90s Rap and 90s R’n’B slow jams and it’s these forty tracks that I just love and listen to regularly” Silkie explains. “I listen to new music, but probably not as much as I listen to those tunes. I feel like maybe I am kind of just stuck there, but that’s just my sound and I love those kinds of tunes. It’s nostalgia as well and I try to be nostalgic in my own music. I try and get that feeling that I got from those tunes in my tunes.”

The majority of City Limits Vol. 2 is solo, but collaborations with New Zealand’s ‘Truth’, France’s ‘Von D’ and Skream do feature. The album is due for release on June 23 through Deep Medi Musik.

On June 17, London’s Cable will host a launch party for the album, presented by Basslaced. Sets come from Silkie & Quest, Loefah & Boddika, Mumdance, Hatcha, V.I.V.E.K. and more. For more information and tickets, visit the Facebook event page.

01. Silkie Vs Truth: Feel
02. Silkie Vs Von D: Snowed In
03. Get Up N Dance
04. Rock Da Funk
05. Lucky
06. New York City
07. Silkie Vs Skream: Untitled
08. Selva Nova
09. Taxi Mi Get
10. Boogie Boy
11. Only For You
12. Outlook



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