Available on: Lovers Rock 12″

There’s been a lot of talk about 100% Silk (Not Not Fun’s “dance” label) recently, and their trippy brand of pastel-daubed dance music. Would this stuff ever work in a real club? Does it rely too much on repetition alone, without the handle on build and release that great dance music often requires? Would you even dance to it?

On ‘Culture Clubs’, the artist behind the first 100% Silk release Ital is on the buttons again, and the results are staggering. Ital spoke to Dummy recently about his desire to make “real tracks … something that could be DJ’ed or remixed, that didn’t have lots of tape hiss” (not to mention his fascinating approach to making them), and appears to be a man of his word, getting the balance between classic, rough house music and Brooklyn hippie vibes just right. Imagine High Places making house music, but without sounding like that Delorean-style “tropical” shit, and you’re pretty much there.

Chris Campbell



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