Available on: Sound Signature 12″

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Theo Parrish, we love you but you can be such a chancer. ‘Pipe Bomb’, the latest release on Parrish’s Sound Signature label, is, without sounding too colloquial, a belter. It’s ethereal, but only in the sense that that lead melody sounds like it’s delicately spinning in space – just listen to the beefy finish on that grizzled synth below it, and those relentless claps. It’s ominous, dynamic and brilliant, but with such subtlety that if you’re not paying attention, it could pass you by. Give it a second of your time though, and you’ll be hooked. Theo being Theo, there’s no B-side. It’s just the same track on both sides (or at least the slightest of alternate versions). As I say, chancer. But you know how it is.

Elon Gats



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