Often, FACT mixes are timed with an occasion, such as an artist’s new record. In the case of Nick Höppner, there’s no occasion needed.

Manager of one of Berlin’s most infamous record labels, Ostgut-Ton, Höppner may not always receive the same lavish praise as Ostgut artists like Ben Klock, Shed and Marcel Dettmann, but there’s an argument to be had that he’s the best of the bunch.

Höppner only releases sporadically, but whether it’s solo or alongside Lee Jones as MyMy, his records are always remarkable. 2009’s airy solo 12”, ‘Makeover’ is a classic in FACT’s books, and last year’s garage-tinted Brush Me Down EP isn’t far off. Höppner may be quieter than the majority of his peers, but that simply makes the impact of his music more palpable when it does emerge.

He’s also a fantastic DJ, as anyone who’s download a previous Höppner podcast or witnessed him a club will vouch for. His FACT mix, however, is slightly different: “more of a mixtape than a proper club mix”, as the man puts it.

“More often than not I’m listening to mixes and podcasts at work, in my kitchen or car and I find myself bored quickly when the mix sticks to one vibe/theme/atmosphere only, so I tried to mix it up as much as possible hoping the flow might not appear to random. I wanted it to feature a lot of different stuff I have been and am playing in my sets, though not in such a condensed form as here. Although I’m still a vinyl DJ, I have recorded everything from vinyl into Ableton, with the exception of two tracks I only own digitally. When doing rather short and fairly eclectic mixes I prefer the added control, especially in terms of timing, Ableton gives you over the music. I did a bit of very basic editing here and there.”

Todd Terje, Julio Bashmore, Larry Heard and more feature.


Freund der Familie – Symbian (Christopher Rau Remix) (Freund Der Familie)
Simon Hinter – Soul (Phil)
Genius Of Time – Science Fiction (Aniara Recordings)
Sensual Physics – Alte Halle (Source Records)
John Heckle – What Once Was (Mathematics)
Larry Heard – Psychotic Fantasy (Distance)
Roman Flügel – Bahia Blues Bootcamp (Dial)
Julio Bashmore – Batty Knee Dance (3024)
Todd Terje – Bonysh (Running Back)
Dexter – Space Booty (Clone Crown Ltd.)
Heiko Laux/Tobias Giese/Johannes Heil – C1 (i220)
Jeroen – 1511 (Axis)
Kowton – Hunger (Idle Hands)
Recondite – Intro (Plangent)



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