Planet Mu have announced a full-length album by juke’s DJ Diamond.

Diamond, real name Karlis Griffin, is 24 and a key member of the Flight Muzik clique of producers, who the album – simply titled Flight Muzik – is named after.

Much has been made of juke’s rawness since it started to reach a wider audience outside America last year, but although the tracks on Flight Muzik are very much tracks, designed for mixing, production-wise they’re often lush, the blank space filled with sighing synths and almost brass-like bass sounds.

We don’t have a release date yet, but we’d expect August.

01. Rep yo Clique (remix)
02. Speakers ‘n’ Tongues
03. Uh
04. Pop the Trunk
05. Horns
06. Vibe
07. Torture Rack
08. Decoded
09. Down Bitch
10. Wreckage
11. Digimon
12. Rep yo Clique
13. Burn dat Boy
14. Snare Fanfare
15. Go Hard
16. I Choose You



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