Roll The Dice will release a new album, In Dust, on September 12.

It’s the Swedish duo’s first LP for Leaf, the label that’s home to the likes of Murcof and Wildbirds & Peacedrums, and their first since their impressive self-titled debut of last year. You can listen to that album, and their recent Live In Gothenburg EP, over on their Soundcloud page.

The world might be suffering from a tiresome glut of artists working with analogue synthesizers right now, but Roll The Dice’s pulsating, semi-improvised instrumentals are a cut above. In Dust finds them exploring darker terrain than on their debut.

“It’s meant to be a little unsettling and claustrophobic,” explains Peder Mannerfelt, one half of Roll The Dice and also a member of Fever Ray’s group.

“[We wanted it to have] an overwhelming feeling, rather than being too intimate,” adds Malcolm Pardon. “Though the first one might not have immediately come across as intimate, it was a bit more nature-like in a way. This has more of a big room vibe to it.”

In Dust will be available on CD, digital and limited edition double vinyl LP. More info here.

A1. Iron Bridge
A2. Calling All Workers
B1. Idle Hands
B2. Maelstrom
B3. Dark Thirty
C1. The Skull Is Built Into The Tool
C2. Evolution
C3. The Suck
C4. Cause And Effect
D1. Way Out
D2. See You Monday



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