Björk’s Biophilia was already being pimped out as more than an album (an “app album”, in fact). But now, Björk has revealed the true scale of the project via a new press release.

It turns out that the application side of things doesn’t just refer to new single ‘Crystalline’, for a start. No, each of the album’s 10 tracks will have an individually designed iPhone app, consisting of an “interactive game based on the song’s scientific and musical subject matter, a musical animation of the song, an animated score, lyrics, and an academic essay.”

Furthermore, over the next three years, Björk plans to tour the album as a series of six-week residencies in eight different cities, all in shows with less than 2, 000 capacity. The live shows will incorporate the iPhone apps, and the venues will collaborate with local schools to host music-education workshops.

That’s only the start though. For the Biophilia residencies/tour, Björk has also commissioned the creation of new musical instruments. “Among these creations are four 10-foot pendulum-harps, in which the swinging motion plucks the strings and illustrates the songs’ gravitational subject matter.

“There is also a unique 10-foot pin barrel harp called the Sharpsichord, a midi-controlled pipe organ and celeste (re-fitted with bronze gamelan bars), twin musical tesla coils, a hang player and an award-winning 24-piece Icelandic female choir.”

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, there will also be a 90-minute documentary about the project, produced by Pulse Films.

Update: there’s now a video online of one of those custom instruments, The Gameleste:



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