Faber & Faber have announced the publication of Jarvis Cocker’s Mother, Brother, Lover: Selected Lyrics for October.

In a video interview with Faber Publishing Director Lee Brackstone, the Pulp frontman says: “I’ve been asked to do such a thing [compile lyrics for a book] quite a few times in the past, but I don’t know, I’ve always had an ambivalent attitude to it all, because I kind of think [the lyrics] exist as part of the song.

“I’ve always made a point of that, and so when the lyrics are reproduced on the sleeve of the record, it always says: ‘NB: Please do no read the words while listening to the recordings.’ Because I’ve always felt [the songs] are the words’ natural habitat, and you shouldn’t take them out from there.

“But I’ve kind of accumulated a certain amount of work now, and I think a lot of the appeal of it is that Faber have published a lot of poets that I really like, and the idea that I could be allowed to be on the same shelf, if you like, is very flattering to me.

“I went back and looked at the words; I had to do that, because Pulp had been playing some shows this year…so I went back and with that passage of time I guess I realised that some of them are alright [laughs].”

Check the full interview clip below:



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