Self-titled have posted an in-depth interview with peerless UK artist Zomby.

Conducted over a three-hour instant messenger conversation, the interview revolves around Dedication, Zomby’s new album for 4AD, but goes back beyond that: to the artist’s formative years in various cities, his earliest days making music, his relationship with his family (concluding, sadly, with the death of his father – to whom Dedication is a tribute), anonymity, ownership, Three 6 Mafia and more.

Typically, there’s also some great quotes. “I’m out shopping for diamond rings for myself, and they call security to watch me. I’ve got $3,000 wrapped in elastic bands in my pocket, a Rolex on, and all Supreme clothes; they still call security” and “I’m surprised [‘Natalia’s Song’] doesn’t have like 2 million [YouTube] views. It’s really a work of art” are particular favourites.

You can read the entire piece here; we’d heavily recommend it.



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